Hi, I'm Tyler


I'm a designer based in San Francisco. Currently, I work on UX/UI & Design Systems at Frankly Inc. If you're interested in what I've been doing, check me out on the web:

About Me

I spent my childhood moving between Chicago, Hong Kong, London & Shanghai - no stint lasted longer than four years in a row. City life instilled in me a love of culture, design & technology. Nowadays my life revolves around music, particularly house and anything independant. If you made me pick, my favorite song would be Erot - Song For Annie. On any given day you can catch me eating crazy spicy food, riding my motorcycle around the Bay Area and/or watching Sci-Fi movies.

Design Practice

  1. Design is evaulated by the change it drives in the world - the best design makes life indisputably better.

Skills & Tools

Logo & Identity, UI/UX, Product Design, Systems Design, Interaction, Animation, Accessibility


HTML, CSS, SCSS, React, GitHub, After Effects, Sketch, Codepen, Atom, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Zeplin, InVision

Current Interests

Computational Design, Abstract, Circular Design, Into The Valley, 3D Design, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Knotty Objects, Hub-Center Steering, javascript, D.R.Y.

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